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The Quetzal Cat

Quetzal had a great show career although he seems to revel in retirement, lying around the house and begging for cookies and love!

May 1999: Callicoon Quetzalcoatl became a Supreme Premier in a wonderful Tour de Force - received all 12 his required certificates (3 x premier; 3 x grand; 6 x supreme) without any refusals!

July 1999: Supr Pr Callicoon Quetzalcoatl was invited to compete in the SA Cat Council's Cat of the Year  1999, and was awarded 7th Best Neuter!

Please note that Quetzal is an Alter and unfortunately I cannot make any Quetzal Cats although Dominica Spooner, Callicoon Maine Coons still has both his parents entire….

And no, Quetzal is not for sale!

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