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To breed or not to breed?

That indeed is the question…

Many people after seeing the kittens say they want to breed. But a word of warning, if your reasons are financial – are you in for a surprise! Buying a good quality queen is but the first financial set back, then keeping her in a healthy state, providing good food, keeping her inoculations up to date, etc can also be quite expensive. Then you have to fork out for stud fees, tests before she goes to the stud, vet bills, registration costs, etc. If you do decide to keep a stud, you’ll have to provide special accommodation for him, do you have enough girls to keep him happy, etc.

If you want to breed, you have to show – how else will you know your kittens fulfil the requirements of the Standard of Points.

And I have not even started talking about the strain breeding places on your friendships, finances or relationships…

I as a rule, do not sell kittens for breeding. But, I know how difficult it is to get started when no-one believes your bona fides. So, I always make the following offer: If you are serious about breeding, buy a neuter, show that neuter, get to know the breed, the issues surrounding the breed and its history. Then after a year or 2, when you are familiar with the looks around and you still want to breed, I will assist you in getting a breeding cat to start with.

I will be the first to admit – breeding has wonderful rewards, just make sure you know both sides before you start.

I always give potential breeders some info I call Breeding 101, answering some key questions:

Do you know the breed you are interested in? The Maine Coon History and issues affecting the breed today?

Do you know the Standard of Points?

Do you know the implications of keeping breeding cats, specifically keeping a stud?

How are you going about getting a kitten (good for knowing what a potential buyer will ask from you)?

Do you know health issues that affects breeding, specifically related to Maine Coons?

Breeding is a lifestyle decision, make sure you know what you are letting yourself into when you make that decision. And be careful, one wrong decision, can place your whole cattery in jeopardy and indeed your marriage and other relationships as many breeders found out.

Some links I suggest you look at before embarking on this expensive, emotionally draining, but very rewarding path: