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Our aim is to breed kittens that are above all healthy, friendly and sociable.

My reasons for breeding are a mixture of a need to nurture, an ideal to breed the perfect Maine Coon and to share their special gifts with others. Their devotion to their humans, their distinct chirrup, their kind and gentle nature is something that should be shared and spread around. I do however strongly belief in responsible breeding and pet ownership. My kittens will go to their new homes at about 12 weeks of age, desexed, micro-chipped and with both sets of inoculations. This will enable my kitten owners to take their kitten home and enjoy, without worries! I will on my part only breed from reputable lines with health and temperament as ultimate aims.

My cats have the run of the house and part of the garden that is enclosed by means of an electric fence (just volts, no current - so no threat). They are treated as full family members. The main thing I ask therefore of a buyer is love this precious kitten as well as I would and care for it as I would. I am paranoid about my kittens’ safety and future happiness and try and screen potential buyers as carefully as possible. I will not let my kittens go to an environment where they will be confined unnecessarily, being excluded from the normal family activities nor where they will be allowed to wander outside unsupervised. I strongly believe

"Rather inside and fat, than outside and flat".

The kittens get born in our bedroom and are raised under-foot, in the bed and on our laps. We love them dearly and letting them go is the hardest thing! If you ever get a kitten from me, consider yourself lucky as I seriously considered keeping that little baby J. My first and main concern, is the interest and well-being of the kitten. 

Current Coonlets:

Sire: Sup Ch Kindlecoons MoulinCrecy Outsider (right)

Black Classic Tabby

MCIG SA Maine Coon of the Year 2000 / 2001


Dam: Ch CuriaCooni Coonyham Chasca

Children of the Stars:

Left: Y Cigny (Blue Male)

Above: Alpha Centauri (Brown female) and Sirius (Blue Male)

DoB: 8 May 2001

Y Cigny and Sirius has left us to embark on a life-long adventure with their new and loving owners while Centauri is staying with us in order to continue a long line of "Prom Queens" and to assist her mom, Chasca in ruling the house!

Our sincere thanks and gratitude to Kim and Dave Hawkins, Kindlecoons Maine Coon for allowing Chasca to visit Ootsie, even though she slapped him for the whole 3 weeks she stayed there and rebuffed all the tasty treats Kim tried to tempt her with… Thank you so much, without you I would not have had these 3 little darlings in my life.