Maine Coons

John and Rentia Solomon

The kittens get born in our bedroom and are raised under-foot, in the bed and on our laps. We love them dearly and letting them go is the hardest thing! If you ever get a kitten from me, consider yourself lucky as I seriously considered keeping that little baby J. My first and main concern, is the interest and well-being of the kitten.


Devon Rex

Johan & Danel Muller

Our Devon Rex kittens are born and raised as part of our family


Havanas,Orientals, Siamese, Devon Rex

Lu and Abe Wagner

Show breeders in Grand and Champion, Havanas, Exotic Orientals, Lilac Orientals, Siamese Tabby points, Sealpoint and Chocolate Points and their adorable Whites. And lastly but not the least, the energetic Devon Rexes.


Japanese Bobtails and Persians

Henni Portwig

A ceramic cat with a raised paw beckons from the doorway and the traditional Japanese symbol of good luck. They are modelled after the famous and favoured bobtailed cats of Japan. Intelligent fun affectionate spirited playful elegant beautiful exquisite all words one can call this unique breed.