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First Encounters:

Although the Maine Coon - has been around in New England as a recognizable breed for the past two centuries, I  had my first one-on-one encounter with a representative of this breed in 1994, in a shopping center, walking around with his mother (Human, that is.)!! I was hooked forever and would not rest until I also had a great Maine Coon sleeping on my bed, not knowing just how much space a big Maine takes up...

But finally the day dawned in 1998 when I also had my very own Maine Coon to take home in the form of a classic brown tabby with white named Callicoon Quetzalcoatl (bred by Dominica Spooner from Callicoon Cattery, Cape Town). I started showing with Quetzal in Cape Town and as he progressed, another idea started brewing in my mind...Breeding!


Thank you for spending some time with us and make sure to come back soon!  We have lots of surprises in store!

Meet us and our cats in the Photo Album!

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