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WOW! Imagine this, eight years old and wet behind the ears.  Four beautiful kittens to look after.  Kittens want food. What better than the polony in the fridge. Big mistake.  Polony must havebeen rancid.  Kittens took about four hours to die.  This guy who comes out of the top five in his class, only finds out about vets in his twenties.  Can you believe that?  Needless to say , the guilt has never left me.

23 years later , a chance to redeem myself.  We moved to a plot in Midrand.  My whife, Olga , who has great affinity for animals, entered our marriage bringing along her entourage of 10 borzoi dogs, 4 cats and 5 Arabian horses.   Today we have 50 dogs; 150 cats;  and more.