Holiday Safety

You may think that last tub of marzipan paste you scored from the gourmet store is divine, but some holiday treats and decorations that are harmless to humans are a serious health risk to pets. Best bet? Lick your own fingers and buy fake versions of festive holiday flora. We won't tell.

Christmassssss Giftsssssss…

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The role of Pets in enhancing the life of Senior Citizens

You've probably noticed that when you pet a soft, warm cat or play fetch with a dog whose tail won't stop wagging, you relax and your heart feels a little warmer. Scientists have noticed the same thing, and they've started to explore the complex way animals affect human emotions and physiology. The resulting studies have shown that owning and handling animals significantly benefits health, and not just for the young. In fact, pets may help elderly owners live longer, healthier, and more enjoyable lives.

Introducing your children to pets

All children should learn skills for safely dealing with animals. Whether there are pets next door or whether the nearest animal is at a petting zoo, teaching your children how to interpret and respond to an animal's behavior will make life safer and more pleasant for both children and pets.