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"To bathe a cat takes brute force, perseverance, courage of conviction and a cat. The last ingredient is usually hardest to come by."

Stephen Baker

This is where our love of cats begun. Oscar, a neutered  "apple faced" chocolate point Siamese, here with Baroque, a tortie point Siamese spayed female. Oscar has always been the Pater Familias of the clan and keeps everyone in line (including the kids)

We have put up a sign at the front gate saying: Beware of the Cat. We had to after Oscar attacked one of my clients.  If you plan to come and visit us: This is the cat to beware of!

Rescued, re-homed spayed female Fresca keeps an eye on Granny where she is spoilt rotten.

One of Oscar's less bloody sporting moments watching cricket with Dad. This was a tiring and long 5-day match.

This is our cattery where we can safely split up the cats when tempers and hormones flare up. There are 3 runs that divided into a Downstairs litter tray dining room and upstairs part from where the cats can gaze down on everything and bedroom.

Inside the runs.

 Using plastic container bedrooms, the cleaning and sterilization is a breeze. The ladder in the background was used to help less nimble boarders to get to their sleeping quarters. They soon learned to use the carpet covered climbing post though!

Maestro's Quarters. This is where all the X-rated stuff happens. Double sleeping cages gives the queen some rest for her soul and body. When she rests, Maestro takes out his frustration on the scratch posts or bakes in the sun with a huge grin...

In a quest to overcome the space problem in our house, we put up a 2m scratching pole in the corner behind the front door. This leads to a platform that is suspended from the roof beams. Being Devons, the cats run up that pole in a flash at any sign of danger. 

3 - 4 Devons can be found on top of the platform seconds after the sound of any broken glass. Needless to say: Imoya Cattery's books show an alarming sum in "replacing broken ashtrays and mugs"

When lightning destroyed my computer earlier this year, the cats discovered the ALL TIME BEST PLAYPEN in the cardboard box the PC came in. I cut some holes in it for them to crawl through, tease each other and hide away in. Ramblin Rose has perfected the art of jumping in and out the top and bottom holes without reducing speed. Jozefina also tried this, but found out that her, not so slim, body can only use 'some' of the holes. The kittens win every chase as she has to measure each hole with her tummy to see where she can get out. We have almost as much fun watching their antics. 


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